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Night 2 of continuous posting


Song of the day. Today it is “Rider - Plan 13” It’s about the movie Easy Rider and Marijuana. Enjoy.

An Opinion On the new hot abbreviation >TBH


To Be Honest, It’s the call of the INFAMOUS ATTENTION WHORE. If you randomly post “Tbh” on your facebook, YOU MAY VERY WELL BE: AN ATTENTION WHORE. This is also the case if you do the same thing with Fml “fuck my life”. COME ON PEOPLE, YOU’RE NOT WHORES ARE YOU?

10 days.

10 days and I haven’t done shit. Sorry for the absence. I’ve got a wave of crap to flood my page with and OHHH YEAAAAAOHHH YEEAAAA

I cannot stress how fucking cool this is. 

A Song From the new/unheard of Artist - Plan 13, seemed appropriate for a first REAL post. Enjoy.

Just Started.

I got a tumblr now. Wooptee Freakin’ Doo. I will post some shite normally when I have a chance, it’ll usually be a X-Post from Reddit or